Experience the wonderful power of Quantum Light Breath!

Quantum Light Breath® (QLB) is a one-hour, very effective breathing meditation accompanied by beautiful music. Personal transformation is supported as withheld emotions, feelings and unconscious patterns of thought are revealed and released. It is designed to take participants into an expanded state of consciousness and state of deep relaxation. QLB was developed on the basis of Vipassana by the mystic Jeru Kabbal (www.clarityproject.de)

QLB is simple, effective and leads quickly to more clarity and a feeling of well-being. Let QLB cleanse your soul and inspire your creativity!

QLB dates in Frankfurt am Main,
Forum für Ganzheitlichkeit von Körper, Seele, Geist (www.in-farbe-leben.de)
Schifferstr. 11, 60594 Sachsenhausen:
  • Tuesday, 10th August 2010
  • Thursday, 19th August 2010
For more information and registration, please contact: pamelapossumani.de