Your 10 Key Factors for Success

  • I have known for quite some time that I would like to change something in my life.
  • I am ready to regard changes as an important part of my life.
  • I am motivated to make the necessary changes to reach my goals.
  • I will keep an open mind for new ideas during the entire coaching process.
  • I want to and I will communicate openly and honestly with my coach, without any ulterior motives.
  • I can accept somebody else’s opinion.
  • I will allow myself, with the assistance of my coach, to let go of limiting beliefs and core convictions and to transform them in a positive way.
  • I want to and I will invest the time and financial resources necessary.
  • I want to and I will keep the appointments I have made with my coach.
  • I am ready for coaching.

For a successful coaching process, it would be good if you could agree to all of the above statements. If you can’t fully endorse some of them straightaway, I’d be delighted to talk this over with you as well.