Modern Meditation and Innovative Relaxation Techniques. Your Conscious Choice.

In today’s modern world we are subject to stress, sensory overload, restlessness, bodily tensions, as well as the deepest insecurities and fears. Our communication is dominated by rapidly developing technologies. The need and yearning for quietness, relaxation, and a simpler mode of life grows stronger and stronger.

Possumani’s modern meditations and innovative relaxation techniques make a significant contribution to stress reduction and centring, and thus create a heightened sense of well-being.

Possumani offers different forms of meditation depending on your personal situation and needs:

Modern meditations:

  • Guided meditations with or without music
  • Dynamic and active meditations
  • Silent sitting

Innovative relaxation techniques:

  • Acupressure tapping
  • NAEM (Negative Affect Erasing Method), by Dr. Fred P. Gallo
  • HELP (Healing Energy Light Process), by Dr. Fred P. Gallo