Life Change Coaching. Your Conscious Choice.

Our world is caught up in fast and far-reaching changes. We are expected to deal with them flexibly and creatively. But how can we be successful in our personal and professional lives and still maintain a healthy balance between the two?

This is precisely where working with a coach can be particularly valuable: it gives you fresh insights and perspectives into your personal and professional development that are often difficult to find alone.

Life change coaching embraces all aspects of your life. In the course of the coaching process you will redefine your goals and be motivated to reach them.

Do thoughts like these cross your mind?

  • Lately I have been feeling increasingly worn out or not up to the task.
  • I am simply lacking the time for the important things in my life.
  • I am facing a major change in my personal life, but do not know how best to deal with it.
  • I am lacking self-confidence and self-esteem. I often catch myself doubting my abilities.
  • I really should be doing more for myself and my own well-being.
  • In some situations I feel helpless (or insecure, hurt, taken advantage of, indecisive, dependent, overburdened, unfree ...). This feeling has been with me for quite some time now. How can I get it out of my system?
If you inwardly nodded in agreement with any of the statements above, life change coaching may help you get back on top of things. Please contact me to schedule your first orientation session.

I look forward to meeting you!